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Woven Style for the 15" Rigid Heddle Loom (copies printed before 2/13/17)

p. 27, Drawing of sloped shoulder overlap seam has been modified.  This is essentially the same as the one in the book, but the back piece is shifted slightly to the left so that the pieces overlap evenly at the shoulder center point. Also the pieces have been shaded to more easily differentiate back and front.

p. 54, Boatneck Top with Sleeves: sleeve length from cuff to underarm should be 10-1/2" although there will be some stretch in wearing.  Also, 3rd paragraph should begin "Work 0( 0, 0, 0, 2, 2)"

p. 84, 3-2-1 Cowl & Tote, under Equipment, should be 10 dent reed.

p. 91, Pillars & Hedgerows Scarf should be #Warp Ends: 85 (remove " mark).

Copies printed after 2/13/17 have corrections from the previous postings, except as follows:

p. 91, Pillars & Hedgerows Scarf chart is changed slightly to a single strand of Saffron in the slot at right as shown below.

At 3rd sentence of warp instructions add: "The thick lines represent a loop of 2 strands, except for the one marked with * at right. This will be 1 strand pulled through a slot, then cut and tied off at the warping peg. Next, from right, you will skip 1 hole and 1 slot, pull 1 loop in a hole, 1 in a slot, then skip 1 hole and 1 slot...repeat across according to chart.

Warp order.pillars 3.png

p.49, Weaving length corrected to:

Size:                       34"          36"            38"     40"

Weaving Length:  24-1/2"   25-1/2"     26"     26-1/2"

p. 54.  Sentence on line 6 from top should read, "To dec on row 5 of each pattern repeat (with yo’s): edge st, *k1, yo. Repeat from *to last 2 sts, k2.

End count for charts used on p. 46 and p. 52 have been changed slightly for sizes 40"-44" bust (shown below).  The total end counts for each garment p. 45 and 51 are corrected to:

Size:       34"    36"    38"    40"    42"    44"

 # ends  130    134    138    146    150    150

Copies printed after 6/27/17 have all corrections except as follows:

p. 52. Warp and weaving instructions included are for the sleeveless versions. If you prefer the texture shown,


Warp with Cabled Cotton for the length and width for your size.


Weaving Instructions:

Set the pick-up stick behind the reed 1 up,1 down.

With Zig Zag throughout, weave according to the following sequence:

*Weave 4 picks in plain weave, then:

Step 1: heddle up

Step 2: heddle down

Step 3: Pick-up stick (heddle in neutral, pick-up stick turned upward against the reed)

Repeat the 3 steps once more.

Repeat from * to the weaving length for your size, p. 51.

Revised yardage: Bust                         34"                   36"                  38"                40"               42"                44"

Main Warp yds -Cabled Cotton         260                  274                 288               303               317                321

Sleeve -Bamboo                                  325                  356                 486               418               453                490

Side Panel and Weft yds.-Zig Zag     389                  429                 462              499               541                 575

p. 84. Optional purse tabs and closure are knitted with US 4 needles.

p.93. Second paragraph should read "Next start color A"

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